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How to Support the Foundation

The Angerosa Research Foundation depends on contributions to undertake studies that benefit the entire association community and online propecia uk to provide scholarships and other professional recognition. Contributions are deductible under IRS regulations governing 501(c)(3) organizations. By supporting the work of the Foundation, you are not only honoring the legacy and commitment of Angela Angerosa, you are also helping to support and expand the professionalism of the publishing profession.

Your individual, corporate, or association contribution helps to fund research efforts that provide major ground-breaking data to aid the association community, such as Association Media Nondues Revenue Trends & Metrics; Association Publishing Benchmarking Study; E-Publishing Trends & Metrics; and Web 2.0: How Associations Are Tapping Social Media. For more information about the Angerosa Research Foundation, download a brochure.

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Many employers will match charitable contributions of employees and their spouses. If your employer offers a matching gift program, please request a match to your contribution. The impact of rx cialis your gift to the Angerosa Research Foundation may double or even triple!


For more information contact:

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