Stratton Publishing & Marketing Inc.


Market intelligence arms organizations with the tools for developing successful strategies. Stratton Research’s qualitative and best price pharmcy tramadol quantitative research studies deliver both the statistics and the analysis that enable organizations to how does viagra work make data-driven decisions. We go beyond the visit our site similar viagra data to interpret what the numbers mean, comparing data with best practices and identifying the next steps for putting the data to work, including short-term and long-term strategies.

Stratton Research’s capabilities include print and Web-based studies, focus groups, telephone research, and organizational research.

  • Reader Feedback Research
  • Advertiser Perception Research
  • Market Research
  • Communications Mix Research
  • Information Needs Research
  • Competitive Market Research
  • Custom Industry Research
  • Buying Power/Purchasing Involvement Research
  • Member Engagement Research

We have been very pleased with Stratton Publishing & Marketing Inc./ Stratton Research. Debra Stratton and her staff have helped us with readership studies and publications audits, communication mix assessments, and strategic repositionings and it's cool buy viagra in canada consolidation of our publications line up.


  Monica Joda Baruth
Director of Publishing
American Water Works Association
Denver, CO