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Organizations refine and tramadol best buy adapt the way they communicate almost daily. Responding to casn on delivery tramadol the needs and preferences of various audiences, managing changing markets, and integrating new media into publishing operations require new strategies, as well as careful attention to established best practices.

Our Smart Solution Case Studies, articles and presentations, Tip of the Week, and Smart Publishing newsletter provide proven tips and solutions for all publishers and communications professionals.

Articles and Presentations

From tips on producing publications more efficiently to how to conduct your own focus group, articles written by Stratton Publishing & Marketing staff members provide valuable strategies for many organizations. The following articles were published in industry magazines and e-newsletters, such as Folio, Associations Now, Final Proof, and Association Publishing. Reprints of cialis professional no prescription the following articles are available by e-mailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

"Me Like Pictures" (Page 22. Published by Signature, April 2013)
Exploring the power of visual content through Pinterest, Instagram, and more.

"What's Really the Matter? How to Ask the Right Questions" (Published by ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership, March 2013)
Six ASAE consultants share their top questions to spark discovery and canada levitra no prescription creativity.

"Quiz: Pick Your Digital Match" (Published by Associations Now, August 2011)
Take this test to canadian pharmacy cialis generic determine which digital format is right for you. (Reprinted with permission. Copyright, ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership, August 2011, Washington, D.C.)

"8 Ideas to Stir the Feature Planning Pot" (Published by Final Proof, April 19, 2011)
Ideas for adding some spice to your editorial.

"5 Questions to Bridge the Print to Digital Divide" (Published by Final Proof, April 5, 2011)
Tips for assessing your readers' digital readiness.

"Harness the Power of Research" (Published by Final Proof, March 2, 2010)
Tips for generating statistically valid data to boost ad sales efforts.

“The Formula for Publication Growth” (Published by Associations Now, November 2009)
A case study on increasing size, frequency, and revenues in a down economy.

“Cause for Scrutiny” (Published by Association Publishing, November/December 2009)
Tips for conducting an internal publications audit and highlights from the Angerosa Research Foundation’s Association Publishing Benchmarking Study.

“Cyber Clones” (Published by Association Publishing, September/October 2007)
Highlights from the Angerosa Research Foundation’s E-Publishing Trends & Metrics study.

"Systems Check" (Published by Forum, September 2007)
Five steps to streamline publication operations without sacrificing quality.

"Taking the Measure of Your Magazine" (Published by Associations Now, May 2006)
Association publishers are using a mix of industry benchmarks and content goals to track performance. (Reprinted with permission, copyright May 2006, ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership, Washington, D.C.)

“Calculated Leaps of Faith” (published by Associations Now, October 2006)
Willingness to shake off the status quo can change your association for the better.

"Boosting Bottom-Line Performance: The Makings of a Profitable Publisher" (Published by Forum, January/February 2006)
Chicago-based publications are significantly more likely to operate at a profit than their association counterparts in other areas of discount viagra online the country, according to findings from the Angerosa Research Foundation’s Association Publishing Benchmarking Study.

"How to Conduct Your Own Focus Group" (Published by Communication News, February 2006)
Hearing first hand from your members and testing new ideas before trying something new in print or online can provide fresh insights into readers.

"Profile in Publishing" (Published by Association Publishing, November/December 2005)
How quality, not quantity, made the magazine of the Assisted Living Federation of America successful.

"Peak Performance" (Published by Association Publishing, May/June 2005)
Compare your publication with other association periodicals using the Angerosa Research Foundation’s Association Publishing Benchmarking Study.

"Paper or Pixels" (Published by Association Management, February 2005)
An information needs assessment can help you uncover the publications mix that members want.

"Prove Your Point with Research Data" (Published by Association Executive, January/February 2003)
To get a commitment for a big ad schedule, you have to prove who your readers are, why they're important, and what they buy.

"Turning Old Clunkers into Purring Machines" (Published by Association Publishing, November/December 2002)
Several strategies can help you streamline your publishing operations for better efficiencies.

"From House Organ to Professional Magazine: Everything in its Place" (Published by Executive Update, November 2002)
Communicating your association's message without compromising your magazine can be a challenge for association publishers.

"The Coming Challenges" (Published by Association Publishing, September/October 2002)
These seven trends offer insight into the cheap prescription viagra future of association communications.

"Leveraging the Power of Market Research" (Published by Association Management, June 2002)
Arm your sales staff with the right tools—such as a third-party assessment of the conditions at work in the marketplace—and watch your ad sales take off.

"What’s the Future Hold for Association Communication?" (Published by Forum, April 2002)
Seven trends that will affect your communications operations in the coming years.

"Becoming a Market Leader" (Published by Association Management, June 2000)
The explosion of electronic information sources, combined with aggressive marketing by independent publishers, has intensified the battle for readers and advertising dollars. This case study shows how to win the war.

"Assessing the True Cost of Association Publishing" (Published by Association Management, July 1999)

"Survey Smarts" (Published by Executive Update, November 1999)
Why you should never distribute a survey in July, and answers to other publications research quandaries.
A guide to real levitra online without prescription determining what it really costs to produce association magazines and journals.

"The World of real viagra without a prescription Association Publishing" (Published by Executive Update, November 1998)
What separates the money makers from the money losers.

"How Does Your Publication Measure Up?" (Published by Association Publishing, September/October 1998)
Using the results of the first edition of the Association Publishing Benchmarking Study to analyze your publication’s financial performance.

"Publication Reality Check" (Published by Association Management, December 1996)
Case studies of how three associations used the publication audit process to turn their magazines around.

"Playing By The Numbers" (Published by Association Publishing, July/August 1994)
A step-by-step course in number-crunching that shows how to dig through the data your readership research generates.

"10 Trends Shaping Association Publications" (Published by Association Publishing, January/February 1997)
Readers’ expectations are changing and greatly influencing the content, look, and mission of print periodicals.